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Written By: Marc Halpin

I loved science-fiction as a kid and really, really loved those movies that centered on time travel. All those paradoxes used to get me geeked out! So how about we play my favorite old school game?  The ‘time travel question’ game!

Up for it? I thought so! 🙂

Question 1: We just closed out Q1 2021 and you get the chance to do a little bit of time travel of your own. Yay! BUT unlike the movies it’s pretty fool-proof. No landing in lava or dating Great Aunt Sally by mistake!

You’re going back exactly 10 years to the end of Q1 2011. You have 24 hrs and you have ten $100 bills in your pocket. What are you going to do? 

Bet on the Super Bowl, make a (small) down payment on a place in Manhattan, buy shares in Krispy Kreme? Just for fun, would you like to hazard a guess what one bitcoin was selling for exactly 10 years ago? A Dollar, yes one bitcoin was a buck!

I’ll tell you what you did. You bought 1,000 bitcoins. Now back to April 2021, you have $55 million dollars worth of bitcoins. Bingo!

You had the opportunity to take advantage of a situation because you knew what was coming next…

Question 2: We just closed out Q1 2031, you get a second chance to do some time traveling of your own and again, unlike the movies it’s fool-proof–no landing in lava or dating Great Aunt Sally…

You go back exactly 10 years to the end of Q1 2021 but this time you’re stuck there. What are you going to do?

Well, you have knowledge of a very important fact! Q1 2021 is famous in venture capital folklore in the US because it became one of the best times ever to raise capital. Q1 2021 saw the deployment of $64B of venture capital in a 90 day period. The most active in US venture capital history. No other quarter in history had broken $50B. It heralds a profound opportunity to raise capital and build tech companies that will shape the new ‘Roaring Twenties’. Everything before seems well, pedestrian. 

You have the opportunity to take advantage of a situation because you know what is coming next…

You work your start up hard because it’s the best time in history to do so. It’s the tech gold rush. It is a time like no other. Quite simply – you go for it, you raise capital and build a billion dollar company over the next 10 years. What a ride!

Back to reality…. I don’t have a time machine (sorry!) but I’m definitely betting on how crazy the Twenties are going to be. The bottom line is this; If you’re a fast growing tech company there’s never been more venture capital available to you. An insane record breaking event has just occurred. The fuel that powered Google, Amazon, Facebook and Tesla became significantly more readily available. Is right now the opportunity of a lifetime?

Which brings us on to the last question of the game…

Question 3: What are you going to do?



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